Alaska from Flat Top Mountain

I’ve been in a sort of funk lately. I’m not sure where it’s coming from, but I’m certain it relates to a lack of sleep as all things that are out of sorts in my life do. And this “funk” leads me to listen to a lot of 90s alternative rock on Pandora (a station created based on “The Freshmen” by the Verve Pipe). It’s a lot of Train and Matchbox Twenty and Nine Days and Everclear and Collective Soul? I didn’t even know I was a Collective Soul fan. This will most likely mingle with angsty 90s girl songs by Natalie Imbruglia and Alanis Morissette.

This “funk” and/or the 90s alt rock is fueling an imaginary vacation. An escape from my lovely, light filled home for a more moody atmosphere. Like this. I want to visit a modern cabin on a lake, something that looks like Martin+Osa (RIP oh Martin+Osa, why did you leave me?) with a pursetop* and steamed milk, wrapped in a giant cashmere scarf and wearing furry slippers. Something with the vibe of Banana Republic’s new ad campaign, but in retreat form. I want to write and read and sleep. Maybe do some yoga. Maybe just sit in the silence and think. Breathe crisp air and sleep in big fluffy comforters. Self-timer my own photos. Eat soup. Plan my wardrobe. And listen to my 90s station on Pandora. I highly recommend that.

*I always forget that I made up the word pursetop. Basically those mini laptops that are small enough to fit inside of a purse.



A friend of mine has me on her blog today. I love the way that she portrayed me (in words and pictures). I’m not glamorous, but she perfectly describes how I’d like to be seen – imperfections included. Bonus: there are pics of my in progress living room/greenroom.

Also, if Topsy and Havoc isn’t on your reading list (PS I recommend feedly as a reader), you should probably get on that because it’s pretty legit.

I stole that photo from her site, which is probably against some sort of copyright law, but I’m a rebel. And by rebel I mean I am totally a rule follower. Who happens to swipe pics of myself.

And I’ve always known that I’m a tad bit conceited, but I love seeing how people photograph me. And it’s not because it’s just me, but it’s how they choose to see me and filter me. So it’s just as much about them as it is about me.


easter by horito featuring an acrylic blanket
fall 2013 dreams

Free people dress


Free people dress

Petite tee

Karl donoghue
$350 –

Free people

Zara pants

H M long skirt
$20 –


One side effect of pregnancy that people tend to not discuss is the inability to perceive style. The rampant hormones can cause your brain to think that a certain look is awesome when in reality, it sucks. This skewed perspective probably exists to help disguise other unappreciated side effects (like round face and an unavoidable look of dowdiness), but can end up making a circus out of your style.

With that said, here are some trends I’ve noticed in my obsessions lately.

Red-orange and stripes


Global inspired


Simple and effortless (I think this is most like my normal style, but it all seems so borderline homely)


Then there’s the awkward mashup of random things I find myself obsessing over


Thank you brain for skewing my vision and making my indecision even worse than before.

I have decided on what (one of) my dream job(s) in life is (/would be).

A stylist for traveling. A traveling agent for packing. A travel clothing agent.

Something of the sort.

I am 99% sure that a: this does not exist, and b: no one would ever pay me LOADS of money to do this, and c: I am DEFINITELY lacking in experience, but nonetheless, I think I have found my calling in life.

You see, back in the dizzity-day I studied abroad to London. I took pride in my ability to maximize my packing by shoving as many things as I could into the most giant suitcases possible then distributing the weight so they were each as close to 50 lbs as possible without going over. Then, I also made it possible to redistribute the items when I arrived so I could actually tote my luggage to the Center instead of hiring a porter or something to get it there for me (guys, there were a LOT of things).

Pre- and Post- London, I’ve always prided myself on being able to pack lightly (err… compactly since my luggage may be small but rarely is light) and in a carry-on. Over the years, I’ve been able to be realistic about how I really dress while on vacation, and I’ve come to realize that, yes, I end up wearing my favorite pants like every day, and no, it is not necessary to have completely different pieces for each individual outfit of the trip.

I LOVE when people blog about what they have in their suitcase. I LOVE when people plan their vacation outfits. I LOVE shopping for anything travel related (suitcases, toiletry bags, small zippered pouches, neck pillows, compression socks, my new favorite – packing cubes).


This summer, my sister studied abroad in London/Paris/Italy/Europe (I’m not sure what was study abroad and what was just fun). I had a blast helping her decide on outfits, minimizing her wardrobe while maximizing her options, giving my unwanted opinions and advice at every corner (some of which proved to be awesome, and other that proved to be ridiculous). We carefully picked pieces to her suitcase, and it was AMAZING.

Then I moved to the east coast WITH a baby and only a trunk-load and 4 checked bags of luggage. And I lived like a nomad moving every 2 months or so with each situation being completely different than the last (an empty apartment, a hotel, a vacation condo, a vacation house with other people, another condo).

I realized, that my life is not currently one that is prone to nesting.


And now, we’ve planned a great adventure (instead of buying a home and settling down like normal people with a baby) – 2 months overseas… probably a new location every week. This, my friends, calls for some precise packing: two months of outfits, the need to be VERY mobile, a baby, and the possibility that we will have crazy restrictions on our luggage.

While devising this plan, I have discovered my true calling in life.

When my sister returned from Europe, I questioned her about her traveling, more importantly, her packing – what she used, what she didn’t use, what she loved, what she didn’t love, what she wished she had, etc. I came to conclusions and tucked them away in my brain lest someone else I know ever travels in a similar style.

And while gleaning information for this trip, I realized that I like having a wealth of knowledge concerning the topic (packing for travel). Not that I have a wealth of knowledge, but I like collecting it from others’ travels and such. I have also taken it upon myself to research the topic: some awesome blog I found that I’m too lazy to find right at this moment, Rick Steves, results from google searches for “fashionable lightweight travel, minimal travel, packing lists” and plenty more.

So… if you check out my anxiety notebook (what Brad calls my little Moleskine that I carry with me everywhere and that I stressfully jot notes in each night before I can sleep), you will see lots of packing lists and the same illustration of random items of clothing, each time containing less and less items. I think I’ve finally narrowed down my items – now to find them all.


Dear friends, what is the point of this post? Naturally, to avoid packing for our Thanksgiving trip to Vegas which we are leaving for in t-6 hours.

Where do blogs go when their owners stop posting? Do they go to blog heaven where they can bond and dine on ambrosia and read each other’s souls? Or do they rot and wither in a cemetery, alone and forgotten? Is there a blog pound where users drop off their unwanted blogs that provided an unsurmountable load of joy on Christmas morning, only to be discarded when the reality of upkeep and care required crept in? Image

When this blog came into existence, I was SO EXCITED about how perfect it was: the name was available, for starters, and it became my little corner on the web where my brain could publicly spew its contents. Where I could write silliness and nonsense. Where I could post frivolous thoughts and keep track of unnecessary wants. Image

Then the advent of Pinterest. Aside from writing, why need a blog?

Then the discovery of lifestyle blogging. Aside from pinning, why need a blog?

And thus the perfection came to a halt, no longer filling a void.Image

Today is not the day you die, little blog, so enjoy these random ramblings of nonsense and these pictures of pretty storefronts in Boston. Let them keep you warm on those long, cold, summer days in which I spend my time in the sun instead of tending to your needs.

Due to the invention of Pinterest, my current purposes for posting on this blog are temporarily being fulfilled there. Between that and posting on my personal blog, I haven’t been showing up here much. But I reserve the right to change that at any time, without advance notice.

Tomorrow, there will be a great announcement about a friendship bracelet exchange over there… get excited!

Image  Image  Image

Image  Image

Love it.

This style board by StyleMint makes me want to have a kick back New Year’s Eve in my pjs.

Glamping with Friends

fall 2011
fall 2011 by horito featuring a wool tunic

Harry Potter, rustic influences, tartan plaids.

astronomy and stars (and maybe navy blue), Native American jewelry and bears, dolman sleeved tees in semi-tribal prints, Mexican blankets.

the idea of a bonfire with stories and legends. puts together some awesome boards. I love the color of these. Add some black and I’ll move in!

My favorite show of fashion week (even more so now that John Galliano is gone): DSquared.

Oh how I love them. And isn’t this presentation genius?!  A music festival? SEriously guys.

I realize I’ve been MIA for awhile. That would be due to the arrival of a baby last month. Nevertheless, I am still eying lots of clothes! My current need is loose fitting (due to the leftovers from the aforementioned pregnancy), button front (due to the new baby) tops.


I’m basically obsessed with this top from Gap.


But I can’t decide which color I like better. Naturally, I was drawn to the boldness of the mustard, but something about the nude color is calling my name as well, even though I hardly ever wear anything in a brown color family…


Which one should I get? Is one color more “me”?





Jack Wills has the perfect back-to-school look.

And design.



“Some [get] no further than accumulating these verbal snapshots. . . in the early, rough-draft stages, there are few things more pleasurable than bringing up a memory and transcribing it directly, like a wide-awake dream.” - Philip Lopate

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