i am not a very good blogger. i am, however, a very good blog-stalker and have very high blogging expectations – frequent posts, pictures, clever, witty remarks that are long enough to entertain me but short enough to hold my attention.  none of these things I do.

i DO write things every so often, and figured that i should share, as any good blogger would.

Brian Doyle commented on his essay “Being Brians” by saying that his father gave him some advice.  bit number 2 said “write something every day: letter, rant, journal, poem, prayer, whatever” (a prayer?  how lovely!  i would love to write a prayer).

and so, i thought i’d post a complaint letter i sent to Hickory Kist/Clint’s Deli after a disappointing experience last weekend.

I was very disappointed with my visit to Hickory Kist/Clint’s Deli. My husband and I had heard raves about it from friends and were excited to enjoy sandwiches from this sandwich shop. However, upon entering, we were “greeted” by scowls from the girl behind the counter who was preparing sandwiches. We looked at the menu on the wall and tried to find direction on how to order. Only one person was behind the counter (the cold and angry one). The other girl was in the dining area flirting with three boys. We figured she was on a break and tried to figure out the method. We saw the sign to fill out our own sandwich orders and did so (with no help or direction from any of the staff) then waited for someone to give them to. The girl behind the counter was so into her unhappy sandwich making that we assumed she was not taking orders. Eventually, the flirting girl came behind the counter to help the three boys she was previously flirting with. She took their orders, slowly, and we waited. Her flirting persisted and slowed down the process even more. Eventually, after waiting for ten minutes without any service, we decided to leave. I was very disappointed with the whole experience and the unprofessional manner in which we were treated. According to the sign, this “new management” promises friendlier staff and better service. Judging by your scowling sandwich-maker and flirting worker, I would hope this is not what was meant and that action will be taken to prevent other customers from this unsatisfactory experience.

i’m probably evil, but i love writing complaint letters.