an attempt to improve my blogability by posting again.

also an attempt to follow the advice of brian doyle’s father.


useful information for realtors:

– if you would like to sell a property, letting the tenants know 24 hours in advance that there is a potential buyer coming by is a good idea.

– if only given, say five minutes, it is quite possible that this stranger could come by in the middle of laundry day.  and by laundry day, i don’t mean a load or two of laundry.  i mean the two months worth of clothes that have piled up and the towels and the rugs and the sheets.  seriously, it’s no wonder the stranger thought it looked like a bomb shelter.

– another great reason to give notice is in case the tenants are cooking fish or some other distasteful item.  with the proper amount of notice, the smell of onions and garlic and salmon would not penetrate the air (chasing potentials away – so says HGTV), and perhaps scents of freshly baked cookies could fill the home instead (also a tip from HGTV).

– granted, i do admit that i haven’t kept house PERFECTLY, but i do make an effort with a reasonable amount of time.

– and that time you brought people over four days after we came into town, late for school, with loads to unpack, and even more to transport from storage to the apartment thanks to our inability to partially move in before the end of the prior semester as we were told, did you really think that it would be presentable?


my husband and i casually flipped through the tv channels earlier tonight and came across a rerun of home improvement.  what ever happened to jonathan taylor thomas?