i like writing lists so perhaps for a time this will be my mode.

– Brad’s possible “band” (he did mention something about wanting a show like Rock of Love after I made him watch the final episode with me last night – I definitely was not down with a billion girls trying to hook up with him)

– my writing

– pattern-making?  although, I do think that pattern makers don’t really get famous

That list was a bit short-lived and perhaps will be updated with time.

Guilty Pleasures (or Embarassing?):

Rock of Love II | sometimes Making the Band 4 | ANTM Marathons | Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency | blogs – Fotobloggumbo.com, omiru.com, the sartorialist, oh joy, trusty pony | weather.com | cheese | taffy | cookies | dessert | boneless buffalo wings (like once a week) | killing time | naps | warming up my feet in the bathtub (sorry brad for all your cold showers!) | drinking with straws | drinking from sangria glasses | buying magazines | talking and talking and talking and talking