because there has been a lack of pictures (and i LOVE pictures), i am now posting the carnival trip from friday.

after seeing leatherheads at provo towne center mall, brad and i went to one of those fairs in parking lots (back home they were always in the parking lot of smiths on jones and the 95).  i love fairs/carnivals so i thought this would be promising.  and it was, but not in the way i had imagined.  the highlights?  the cops escorted out a guy and his friends yelling, “just go with him muneco!”  the family reunion huddled around the strength test – the hammer/anvil idea with the tall meter of how hard you hit.  the three girls we saw like thirty times.  the man at the carnival games booth who was yelling at brad and when brad said to me, “is he speaking spanish?” the man yelled back, “yeah i speak english, spanish, and swahili.”  then we realized that these people who work these carnival booths – making deals with people, shouting at crowds, directing games of darts and bottles – have real jobs and real lives.  who are they?  is being bilingual a qualification to have this job?

we ended up going on zero rides and spending at least a half hour there… which was quite fun…

it was kinda sketch.

a weenie roller coaster

can you believe this ride cost $3 a person?!

it cost $3 a person to ride this ride.

this could be taken awfully as a not funny pedophile sign.  i think i\'m going to hell for saying that.

if i could figure out how to turn this the right way, i would.  😉

ps i hate studying for/taking finals.