a slight confession to put an end to this blogging hiatus.

i must admit, that of all the things at julie’s wedding, it took me awhile to love her veil.  why?  because i was slightly jealous that she got the cute little vintage veil i totally wanted (after blowing the budget, the veil definitely got nixed):

so after a LONG google search for the birdcage veil i wanted to make for myself, i came across these pictures/decisions:

angelina jolie for st john knits (there’s a dress i also found that i totally want to recreate:

unveiledbridaldesigns.com – dorene is FABULOUS!!  i fell in love with her veils and if brad would let me spend around $150-200 to get one custom made by her, i would be all over it!

tricia’s wedding veil (by dorene):

for her designer friend christa taylor:

but after a long search, i began to wonder if poorly made birdcage veils had a closer resemblance to…

bee keepers:

or fencing masks:

although both have been done in high fashion…








also fun to note: christa taylor (christa-taylor.com) has this WAY CUTE belt i found in the lovely eliza magazine that i totally want!!  it’s such a small world…