So, my father-in-law set up this little family connection. They have four kids (plus I married Brad so five) and the parents, so each of us have been assigned a day of the week to do a devotional that we email to each other. Thursdays are my day, so I figured I would share my thought from each week.

So on Sunday in Relief Society, we watched Sheri Dew’s Women’s Conference 2008 address, “Awake, Arise, and Come unto Him.” It was SO AWESOME!! She talked a lot about influence, and how much influence we have on others around us. I can’t find a print version of the talk, but there were two thoughts she said that I really liked.
1: We need to be focused. She asks herself, “Why has the Lord brought me here today?” then looks for ways to uplift others around her. I thought of this because so often I am easily frustrated by situations that may put me in destinations other than the ones I would prefer to be in: errands, work, chauffeuring my roommate and her fiance all over napa/vallejo/SFO/china, but I never slow down to look around me and see if the Lord has placed me there for a reason.
2: In her closing, she made a quick but profound statement. “The power to influence comes when we let the atonement change our hearts.” I just love that once we let the Savior’s love change our hearts, we are able to be his servants and uplift those around us (if we open our eyes, listen to the Spirit, and see these situations around us like in 1).

So… Ask yourself, “Why has the Lord brought me here today?” and allow the atonement to change your heart.