So, sometimes I wonder to myself what my wedding would have been like if I had chosen to be married on June 7, 2008 (my mom’s parents’ wedding anniversary), like I initially wanted.

Although I loved the gray/silver bridesmaid color scheme that I picked:

It is very fitting to the winter season, and I doubt that it would translate well into the summer (I was very particular about how I picked my colors – a lot of factors went into it: flower choices, dress choices, the season, the location of the reception, my dress, the current/up-and-coming colors, lots and lots of research via vogue, wedding magazines, elle, nylon, country living, real simple, etc.).

I still hadn’t figured out what color scheme I would have used when this morning I came across this picture:

How cute is that?! It would have been fiesta country fabulous. And what an easy thing for bridesmaids to do. Show them the picture and list a BUNCH of colors. Let them pick their color on a first come, first serve basis. Buy and/or make a fabulous party skirt in their color (the skirt would probably need some volume). Wear a white top of your choosing (but not a t-shirt). Optional: choose a black belt to wear with it. Wear black shoes.

I for one think it would have been an amazing plan for a fun, bright, summer wedding.

Gray, to every color. I’m sure my dress would have changed. I KNOW the location would have been different. And different flowers would be in season. Different food would have been served. Different colors for the invitations. A LOT of things would have been different.

But, some things would have been the same, like the army men in the delicious Amelia funfetti cake, the first dance remix, the paper cranes, and probably the groom. 😉

Oh, and the fabulous get-away car: