Since I didn’t have time to make eleventy billion invitations to my birthday and/or if you didn’t get one and would like to come, you are still invited. If you did/do get one, it will probably be after the fact anyways, making this post very useful.

Anyways, the front of the card looked like this:

And the inside looked like this:


(it’s a PDF file so you have to click on the link to see it)

Anyways, this was my first attempt at photoshop, and I was on a time crunch… so PLEASE do not acknowledge the faults (like what are those white streaks/blemishes around the anorexic arm and cupcake?  and why is her head so big?).  Instead, acknowledge how awesome I am at details like the shining light sparkles on my crown, or how I changed (not the queen of hearts, that’s my own technical difficulty)…

The cupcake to be bite size in my hand.  Or the fabulous color of the Betsey Johnson dress (and stole her legs).  Or the tube top dress into a collared fabulosity.  Or the colors of the chair.

For a beginner, I feel quite successful.