Things Left to Do this Summer:

– Find somewhere to live this fall

– Finish the V-Day Love London books

– Finish the never-ending sewing list:

:: Elastic waist white dress

:: Gingham top

:: My birthday dress

:: Monk’s cloth jacket inspired by Anthropologie

:: Top with the fabric I got in Nauvoo

:: St. John Knits black dress (Angelina Jolie wears it in the ad)

:: Black jacket with leopard lining

:: Country Mixed ruffle bottom dress inspired by Matilda Jane Clothing

:: Motorcycle-Jacket out of sweatshirt knit

:: Finish the red satin top

:: Finish the lace top, brown skirt dress

:: Navy gored skirt like on 27 Dresses

:: A maxi dress

:: Peter Pan collared denim jacket

:: a boxy GAP/Built by Wendy inspired jacket (with the awesome loose houndstooth fabric I bought myself for my birthday)

:: THE FABULOUS TIERED RED LACE DRESS that will double as a Halloween costume… inspired by a picture I saw in Lucky Magazine of Geminola

:: Ruffle collared double breasted jacket (probably in gray)

:: Bags for my sisters

:: Oilcloth bags (Nor-Mar fabrics here in Napa has the BEST assortment of fabric; I love it!)

– Fix up the vintage black hat I bought

– Go on a safari

– Finish the wedding album (SO HARD!!)

– finish Mission Organization 2008

– Read:

:: Gone to New York by Ian Frazier

:: Naked by David Sedaris

:: re-read The Peacegiver

:: maybe a little Billy Collins and Salman Rushdie

– Compile some emails into a book

– Figure out what to do about my wedding guestbook

– Archive the sessions I had with Valerie

– Make throw pillows for the couch

– Do something with those four blank canvases…

– Make my jewelry board

– Spend more time in San Francisco ( 😦 I didn’t get to spend as much time there as I wanted – stupid toll bridges and gas prices)

– Go to Japantown

– Find the fabric district in San Francisco

– Go to SFMOMA

– Bike the Golden Gate Bridge

– Go on the Jelly Belly Factory Tour in Fairfield

– Find some tan/caramel colored boots

– Find a leather saddlebag

– Make some awesome vintage-looking things…

And there’s only one month left.  Please forgive me if I cut myself off from the world and start avoiding everyone’s calls.  Anyone who would like to participate in helping me achieve these goals, please come visit and stay in the Wilford Room. 😉