Ten things for the tenth of August!  I will try to do this sans pictures since I haven’t done one of those in awhile….

1. Brad chopping watermelon today and yelling “hasataki HA!” as he whacks the knife from his shoulder through the entire thing at once.

2. My Toma Mood Changing nail polish… My toes are a cute bright orange tangerine when they’re cold and an ucky yellow-gold-orange when they’re warm.  I also love mood rings… The whole color changing thing is AWESOME…

3. My mini-sized Book of Mormon – it has revolutionized my life.  It is so convenient and compact and go-anywhere!!  Fits perfectly in my purse.  (I sound like an ad)

4. The old ladies in my ward…. they make me smile every week.  Today, they had a discussion about signing the roll during the Sunday School lesson.  And they can’t whisper/hear whispers so it’s hilarious.  And they wear the coolest clothes/accessories.

5. Creating.  Like sewing projects and arts & crafts.  And my vicarious entrepreneurship through Coryn.

6. Buying presents.  Self magazine (I think) says that gifting is better than buying for yourself because in addition to the purchasing high, you feel good about giving a gift!!  And I love giving presents!! It is seriously so much fun.  Also, wrapping presents.

7. My black dress.  It’s from Target and very simple – black, straight skirt, sleeveless, darts… My mom bought it for me two Christmases ago and I’ve worn it with MULTIPLE sweaters, shirts, jackets, outfits – even for my engagement pictures!!

8. Hair bows/flowers/clips.  Seriously.  My grungy everyday ponytail can easily be updated by making a cute low bun.  My cute low bun can be updated by putting in some hair accessory that makes it look like I meant to do that instead of just looking lazy.

9. Polaroids.  One of the contributors in For the Love of Light hit it right on the head when she said, “It is the perfect combination of anticipation and instant gratification.”  [on a slightly more negative note, it does NOT make me happy that they are quitting production]

10. Blog stalking.  Please refer to the previous post.