Part One:

Today when I checked the mail, I was excited to find that these little presents were waiting for me in the mailbox!

One pair is a gift, but my pair went straight to my ears.

Thanks Miss Sailboat!!

Part Two:

In less than two weeks (AHH!!) I will be leaving this lovely valley, and Betty Girl Boutique, and NorMar Fabrics, and this new find – The Red Bead. Luckily, there will be an online store, but I do love going in and the friendly owners and just looking at all the fun things to buy. Today I bought these Czech glass beads that are only fired in one spot so it looks like they are glowing. Seriously, I looked for a mini light or something (I know I’m an idiot) inside. I call them my glow worm beads and am thinking of maybe making a fairy necklace? I don’t know yet, but I do know I love them…

But first, these beads will become a lovely necklace…

Aren’t they just cute!!!

And so the packing begins….