Since March, I have been on a quest to discover what “my style” is. And so far, it has been a long, unfocused list a little something like this (and this is probably more what inspires my wardrobe):

Betsey Johnson‘s crazy girly, funky, fun frilliness.

Anthropologie‘s country, folky, eclectic down-to-earth-ness.

– A little bit of vintage (like LiebeMarlene’s Vintage Lookbook).

– A bit of inspiration from a slew of magazines including (but not limited to): Nylon, Elle, Lucky, TeenVogue, Real Simple, Self, Blueprint (now gone, RIP), Country Living, Vogue, Rachel Ray (I don’t know if that’s stylistically, but I’m sure it rubs off somehow), Domino, Eliza Magazine, and the occasional Glamour or National Geographic.

– Country casual roots (from spending summers at my grandpa’s farm in Idaho) like Wiksten or Country Living (the magazine, again).

– A bit of glam, like Beyonce, and rock, like… a rock star.

– Other words include: chic, tailored, styled, in vogue, bohemian, nautical, preppy, classic, children (they have the BEST clothes and the COOLEST outfits, especially when they dress themselves), whimsy, and many others I cannot recall…

– Important details like my red flats, red peep toes, orange Franklin Covey purse, ankle boots, turtle pocketwatch necklace, pearls, my freaking awesome wedding ring, plastic hairclips (the old school kind), hair flowers/pins, brooches, ethnic purses, and also many others…
Well, today it all came together (maybe) in a way I’m really excited about!!

photo by jack thompson

I have always LOVED this article in Country Living about a year ago about the Junk Gypsies. They “gypsie-fied” country singer Miranda Lambert’s tour bus into an AMAZING haven with vintage details fit for a rock star with country roots. This spread in one of last summer’s issues has always been bookmarked and is a major source of inspiration, comfort, and just plain fun. It made me want my own tour bus (or to design a room with many bunks like the ones in the slide show – perhaps when I have grandkids?? that’s a LONG ways away).

Anyways, they are a truly genius mother-daughter-daughter trio with great taste and style.

I also ran into a great article on about the “Junk-O-Rama Prom” that the junk gypsies throw. It seems like a big outdoor party where people get dressed up in wonderful combinations of frilly dresses and denim and country accessories (with your occasional glam, earthy, rock star appropriate, quirky accessory too… see where I’m going?). How much fun would it be to have a Junk-O-Rama prom and be able to eclectically combine all kinds of different elements into fun party looks? I seriously want to throw one…

photo by brook slezak

photo by brook slezak

two women hanging out at Junk-O-Rama Prom

So, I decided to finally head on over the and learn a little more about them.


from What a treat. I love the design, style, and wares! You just have to go check it out because I tried so hard to find a perfect picture to encompass it all, but I couldn’t.  This one hardly does it justice.

My favorite part is in the Style section where they almost perfectly describe my style (at this moment):

“We combine chippy-peely fleamarket furniture and elegant chandeliers with a little bit of hippie texas flair, some southern-fried cowgirl pride and a splash of MOULIN ROUGE eccentricity to achieve the JUNK GYPSY look. We believe in decadent junk and FUN, spirited styles coming together to create a space that defines who you are.”

Except, of course, I am not a chandelier, nor am I a space.  But I have decided that wardrobe style and living style can often be interchanged (Domino magazine turns outfits into rooms quite frequently).  Not saying that this is my LIFEstyle, but perhaps it’s a jumpstart to finding out my real style.

I feel like their description covers most of my list (with Moulin Rouge also usable for glam) as long as we add “as well as some fabulously tailored, classic pieces that may have a bit of preppy to them.”

Please feel free to contradict me.  I am very open to constructive criticism.

Plus, I have no idea if this is REALLY “it” or not.

** For the record, this does make me excited to pull out my cowboy boots and sport them – which I am doing **