I even had Sunday’s post prepared ahead of time and yet somehow forgot to do it.

I’m experimenting with posting the Royal Daily Devotional on Sundays.  So far, I’ve failed.

SO>>> late Sunday post.

From Sunday’s lesson in the manual…
“[We] pray our heavenly Father that you may be very prayerful, very humble, and very charitable; working diligently, spiritually and temporally, for the redemption of Zion, that the pure in heart may return with songs of everlasting joy to build up her waste places, and meet the Lord when He comes in His glory [see D&C 101:18].”
Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith page 188

I love the steps outlined for us here:
be VERY prayerful, VERY humble, VERY charitable
WORK diligently

we’ll build up Zion and meet the Lord when He comes again.

The church is true.  Just do it.