I must say that although I hate having to use the bathroom every two hours (a professor once told me that you should “have to go” that often if you are staying fully hydrated), I still value the idea of staying hydrated.

However, there are issues I have with the matter, the first being that water bottles tend to be pretty bulky/heavy/oddly shaped for toting them around in my backpack and/or purse along with my books, notebooks, planner, and other life needs.  Most currently, I was using a flask shaped water bottle (with the sticker peeled off) from Liquid Hydration, which proved to be the most convenient shape.

Although I loved this {slightly shocking} flask, it also encouraged issue numero dos – it’s a waste of space once it’s empty.

Enter the Platypus.

Platypus Hydration has a water bottle that I’m pretty sure is my next purchase.  They are collapsible and look long/flat, making it the perfect choice for molding in between the contents of my bags.  As it loses water, it also gets smaller.  So my reward for staying hydrated is addition space in my backpack/purse.

Of course, I’m sure I’ll keep the flask just for grins.

{I’m thinking of ordering the .5L and/or the 1.0L.  They’re only 6.95/7.95 respectively.  If you want in, we can save on shipping!  Let me know…}