Alright.  I feel like I might have used this before but here we go anyways.

“Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you but what happens inside of you.”  – Harold B. Lee

I think that after living in the ghetto and now trying to move in as quickly as possible, I have realized how grateful I am for the positive outlook Brad worked so hard to keep in our unfavorable circumstance.  It’s seriously a waste of time to be angry.

The church is true.

PS a fun tale that is slightly related but not obligated if you would like to continue reading:
Our first Sunday in London (well, second, since the first Sunday was fast Sunday), most of us were unprepared for the Sabbath, food-wise.  In the London Center, our breakfasts and dinners were provided Monday through Friday (if I remember correctly) and dinner on Sunday.  Usually there were enough leftovers to make it through lunches and Saturday nights if needed.  But that Sunday, we had run out of most food (no bread, so we couldn’t even make pb&j) so we would have to wait until dinner.  All we had to eat were tortillas, so we seriously took jam packets and honey packets and spread them on tortillas and ate them like homeless people.  One girl in particular was really upset about it, and I kept on telling her, “We’re in London, don’t waste your time being angry.  In a few weeks, this is going to be an amazingly funny story and we’re going to laugh about it.”  She wasn’t totally sold on the idea, but worked with it.  Fall semester I had a class with that girl and she said to me, “You know what, that Sunday really is funny to me now.  I’m really glad I can tell that story.”  SO, the moral is, keep things in perspective and try to decide to be happy – since it doesn’t depend on uncontrollable circumstances but our own outlooks – which we can control.