four jobs I have had:

2|Sierra Health Services Intern in the Clinic

3|Credit Union Teller (best job ever)

4|OA for APX (that’s humiliating)

four movies I have seen more than once:
1|The Wedding Singer (every weekend in 7th grade, and more)
2|Legally Blonde (most inspirational movie)
3|A Bug’s Life (one time my little brother made us watch it literally 24-7 for a week – it would end, we’d hit rewind, then play)
4|really, I like to watch all my movies more than once in one sitting…

four places I have lived:
1|San Diego, CA
2|Las Vegas, NV
3|Provo, UT

5|Napa, CA (this is a bonus since I kind of botched the last one)

four TV shows I watch:
1|The Office
3|Any design show on HGTV
4|Rock of Love II

four places I have been:
1|Japan (kumamoto, tokyo, nigata-ken, north more, hiroshima, a lot of names i can’t remember)
2|St. Anthony, ID
3|World Trade Centers and Ground Zero (at different times)
4|Paris, France

four people who text me regularly:
2|bleba (used to)
3|apparently Risa
4|and apparently Tia (I checked, but I didn’t think they texted me that much, but I guess they do)

four of my favorite foods:
1|pretty much anything by Robyn (my favorite wedding caterer – I just returned from a reception earlier – she’s my favorite!)
2|Ichiban Ramen – plenty of salt and a comfort food
3|my cousin Amelia’s funfetti cake with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting (aka my wedding cake)

four places I would like to visit:
2|Peru (Brad’s brother is there)
3|Washington DC (for reals, that last time didn’t count)
4|An Asian {Buddhist} monastery (perhaps like Thailand or India or somewhere like that?)

four things I am looking forward to in the coming year:
1|accomplishing my short-list of crafty to-dos
2|cruisin’ – jamaica and grand cayman!
3|my birthday
{four things I’m NOT looking forward to: winter, snow, march and the cold weather, and finals}

four people I’m tagging (do I even have any blogging friends who read this who haven’t done this?):



Open position #1

Open position #2

You know, Paris Hilton has a reality show to find her new bff, perhaps I should host a contest to find blogging friends who I can tag…. I’m sure the demand is high.