Ok, so I kind of cheated and stole this from my friend’s blog, but it’s a really good thought.
Her parents share a wedding anniversary with President Monson and his wife so her mom sent an anniversary card and family photo to President Monson and his wife for their 60th wedding anniversary.

From her blog:
“President Monson sent a very thoughtful thank-you note to my parents thanking them for the kind letter they had sent him. He also wished my parents a happy anniersary and complimented our family photo. The entire letter was about three paragraphs in length. The part that touched me the most was that he signed it: ‘Your brother, Thomas S. Monson’. Such a humble ending to a letter and the way that he connected himself to us as a brother made me tear up a bit.

“Later that night my mom said, ‘You know, if President Monson can find time from his busy schedule to write a thank-you letter to someone he doesn’t even know, I wonder why people I know can’t find five minutes to send a thank-you note.'”

I always try to stay on top of thank you notes, but I’m a very bad organizer… But I can only imagine how busy President Monson is, and he can do it.  So, let’s always remember to take time to be grateful… that’s how I’m tying it in.