In response to a tag from Coryn, here we go.

*Choose a singer/band/group.
* Answer using ONLY titles of songs by that singer/band/group.
* Tag 3 more people

{Chosen} The Format (RIP 😦)

1| Are you male or female?

She Doesn’t Get It

2| Describe yourself.

I’m Actual

3| What do people feel when they’re around you?
Pick Me Up

4| How would you describe your previous relationship?
The First Single (You Know Me)

5| Describe your current relationship.
Even Better Yet

6| Where would you want to be now?


On Your Porch

7| How do you feel about love?
Wait, Wait, Wait

8| What’s your life like?
Time Bomb

9| What would you ask for if you had only one wish?
A Save Situation

10| Say something wise.
Let’s Make This Moment a Crime



Little Risa

Miss Britt

For the record, I think it should be known that:

1: I made like ten lists of songs by different artists before I picked this one.

2: Google never ceases to amaze me. You can type in an artist, then click on it, then get a list of all the songs by that artist. Sweet.