Today, while talking on the phone to brea, we conferenced called tia (and tried to conferenced call risa, but she was not answering) and had a VERY important discussion.

Which Harajuku girl is Brea and which one am I?

You see, naturally, Tia is Baby, and Lauren is Music.  Those are easy decisions.  But not only are Brea and I a lot alike, we are both very indecisive.  So, we held a meeting and began casting votes.

From the website for the perfumes:

love| Sweet, caring, and free-spirited, Love is always off in her own little world. Stepping out in a cute, striped mini-dress and fashionable red kicks, Love wears her heart on her sleeve, or rather, in her hair!

angel| Lil’ Angel is a woman who is compassionate and caring towards others, but is no saint. She sports a classy, yet sexy, schoolgirl outfit complete with a plaid pleated miniskirt, white knee-highs, and shiny black Mary Janes.

The arguments:

me| I am like Love because a: i love everyone, b: i’m the married, c: i like hearts.  I am like Angel because I am the real life angel in the family – probably the easiest girl to raise of the four, lacking in drama.

brea| She is like Love because a: she has a billion boys to be in love with/she loves, b: she’s loving, c: she likes hearts.  She is like angel because… well, this is better explained with a story.  We have home videos of brea and tia, jumping and dancing on the bed, and in a swift instant, brea pushes tia off the bed (so she can be center stage) then poses innocently and oh-so-cutely as if nothing happened.

In the end, momma (aka G) decided to stick with the originals: I am Love and Brea is Angel.