brad and i took a lovely little trip to vegas to visit family, enjoy the weather, shop, etc.

we went to town square (this amazing outdoors mall which i originally loved because they opened a great h&m there), and even brad was impressed with how nice it is.  and brad HATES shopping and all things related to it.  BUT… he enjoyed this little trip.  of course, it was, like, perfect weather, and not too crowded, and i spent less money than him, so what’s not to love?

let’s see, where to begin?

when i discovered that h&m would be opening a store besides the divided concept store in the miracle mile (which, don’t get me wrong, i was VERY grateful for; i’d been waiting seven years for h&m to come to vegas), and that this store would carry more of the h&m concepts, i was delighted.  when i first saw this little outdoor shopping arena, i was thrilled.  and today, i was even more impressed.

christmas set-up was underway, and i’m sure this thing will be pretty cool when in full swing.  they had a giant christmas tree thing in the center pavillion.  and, year-round, there’s a little play area for children in the middle, complete with astroturf hedge maze, play theatre, rocking unicorn, and playground.  there’s a sephora.  a really nice express.  bebe.  clarks.  aldo.  j.crew.  whole foods.  guitar center.  MAC.  a great movie theatre.  sanrio.  steve madden.  seriously, this place is a gold mine.  there’s even a martin + osa::gasp!::  what?  a MARTIN + OSA?!?!

that’s right, you heard me.  my favorite daily candy/san francisco discovery has moved to las vegas.  i seriously yelled out loud when i saw it.  brad gave me an angry look that told me “are you serious?!” and  “control yourself!” and “i’m so embarrassed to be married to you” all at once.  but i couldn’t help it.

we went in, and i was worried brad wouldn’t be impressed, but he was.  they offered him a bottle of fiji water to quench his thirst, they started his dressing room (and mine too) and… it’s just so lovely.  i fell in love with a cashmere shawl, trouser leg jeans, and a cowl neck sweater (all of which will be on my “things to buy” list or my “dear santa/mom” list or my “wait until it goes on sale because – seriously!? – $130 for that shawl!?!?” list).

in the end, brad left with a jacket and a neat long sleeved tee, and i left with two tees and a top.  and i spent less than him.

but i’m still in love with their boots.  and everything else.

oh, then h&m had to go quick style, and consequently, i was unimpressed.  ;(