I have a very ambiguous post… but it will have to do.

Last night, my employer took me to the grand opening of Blend Fashions Boutique in Pleasant Grove.  Now, because I was merely following her, and because I’m not very observant, I do not know the address, and since it’s new, I can’t find it online.  All I can say is that it’s a few blocks south of Purple Turtle (85 E State Rd Pleasant Grove, UT 84062) before Center St/Main St.

But, the moral of the story is: Blend Fashions = winner.  Savvy Apparel Studio (my work) is working on some awesome items for the store, and the owner Amanda has great taste (kind of like Anthropologie with a touch of urban), and the clothes are super cute.  I bought an a-MAY-zing ruffled scarf that I’m definitely wearing today.

The prices vary a little.  Everything is definitely affordable, and for the style, it’s definitely a steal (think Anthropologie at less than $100).

It has definitely merited a return visit in my (very) recent future; hopefully more details will follow.

And I’m sure your anticipation will grow into a burning desire by the time I find out the address…