While I’ve been slacking off in most aspects of my life (blogging, reading blogs, writing papers, doing physics homework, going to school, going running, going grocery shopping, showering, etc.), Coryn’s been posting about causes that we should all be aware of and involved in.

Apparently I’m a procrastinator, and I’ve been meaning to respond to Coryn’s post by sending a postcard to ABC.  So, today (over a week later), I finally printed out the picture of Ned on her blog and wrote on the back to send to ABC.  Unfortunately, I read today that it is already slated for cancellation, according this article.  But I have faith that my postcard is so awesome (what with it’s two lines of “don’t cancel the show”) that they will change their minds immediately.  And my signature is SO convincing, seriously, who could resist it?

On another note, vote for Coryn’s cousin to go on the Element skateboarding tour.  He has the coolest name, so you should vote for him for that reason if none else.  Plus, he’s from Utah, unlike all the others who are from prevalent skateboarding communities like California… Come on, Obama won so apparently we’re all about sharing the wealth… Voting literally takes three seconds if you don’t watch the videos and just take my word for it.

Click Here to Vote!!

Click the Icon to Vote!!

He’s in third place with 19% (and first place only has 22%)… so, just click it a few (hundred) times and we’re set.  Voting is open until December 8th.