|part one|

To give details to my very ambiguous post, I present to you today’s [first] post: a much more detailed account of the boutique in Pleasant Grove.


I embarked on my merited return visit to quickly purchase a Christmas gift for a friend, and picked up a little business card to get all the information I need.  And so, the details:

blend-fashionsBlend Fashions is located at 285 East State Road in Pleasant Grove, and the owners are giving a new taste of fashion to the area.  The clothes are still as cute as ever, as can be seen on their website (which ::gasp:: is blendfashions.com – you think I would have tried that instead of just trusting google).  The clothes, which are meant to cover you up and keep you looking cute, have been selected with great taste.  There were even a few new items on my recent visit that weren’t there during my initial discovery.  My super cute ruffle scarf I bought myself at the opening is the bottom right picture in the inset photo – cute, right?!

Also, they’re having a blowout sale on ModBod basics (layering tees, camis, skirts) in the back, so if you’re in need of a cap sleeved undershirt or a basic 3/4 length top, hit it up.

BLEND fashions | 285 East State Road | Pleasant Grove, Utah