|part two|

Let me introduce you to one of my latest (and by latest, I mean within the past month) discoveries that I enjoy: Mrs. Dub.

Her blog is so witty, and her writing is so readable, and, seriously, go read it. Once you do, I’m sure you’ll be upset that I’ve been keeping it a secret for so long (I know, I’m sorry).

Continuing on. In my process of blog-stalking her, I took interest in a post about a Seasonal Fashion Genie (the sfg) who apparently grants winter wishes. This is a genius concept for many reasons:

– Apparently there isn’t a magical elf who fulfilled my fall fashion wish list, since the only thing I got from it was the trenchcoat, and the only reason I got it was thanks to Discover card’s cash back combined with a GAP sale combined with the off chance that the University Mall happened to have my size in stock.

– “sfg” is strikingly similar to “bfg” which definitely was one of my favorite books as a child. And teenager. And adult…

– I get the impression that the sfg has unlimited funding and therefore can encourage all of my frivolous wishes.

And so, here they are:

1. A Winter Coat

sfg-anthropologie-coatThe Floe and Current Coat at Anthropologie.

Although, I haven’t figured out if I like the coat or the barn more… Maybe the coat by the barn? In which case, I would have to hang out around a lot of farms when I wear it.

2. A Pair of Winter Shoes

piperlime-ninewest-yoursocuteNine West Yoursocute Boot

I’m only 53% sure that this is the pair of winter shoes I would ask for. It would probably be a toss up between the Nine West pair, or these, or these.

3. A Winter Accessory

m-o-cashmere-shawlSolid Cashmere Shawl at Martin + Osa

I saw this at the store and it’s a lovely, flowing wrap/scarf that’s oh so soft. And, it’s on sale, so I’m doing the sfg a great favor.

There you have it. My three winter wishes. Oh, and one more: that it won’t get too cold.