good news: I WON!!  You know how the cool bloggers who have legit sites and get sponsors and free stuff have giveaways?  Well, I commented on one at Trusty Pony (a great blog about travel gear and goods), and I won it!! What did I win?  Well, these SWEET fire forks that you attach to sticks (replacing the need for wire hangers), a squishy bowl and cup, biodegradable shampoo and conditioner sheets (they’re like paper-ish sheets that turn into soapy stuff when you use them), a super absorbent bandanna, and some tissues that are pill sized until you add a drop of water… I’m like, super high-tech now!!

bad news: I have to come up with a legitimate diet for a fictitious athlete by tomorrow at noon and I’ve been wasting time instead of doing the research.  Off the the books.