One day, I plan on opening an Etsy shop like Coryn.  I’m not too sure what exactly I’ll make/sell, or when I’ll find the time to do this, but it’s on my perpetual list of things to do that never really get done.

Today, while sifting through the pictures/reading the descriptions of the cute, sold, little bags by made by hank, I noticed a trend in the craftsy world: we love the word “vintage.”  Love? Maybe we’re even obsessed.  Searching “vintage” on Etsy brings up 8494 pages of results.  And what does vintage mean to people anyways?  Sometimes people use it in place of “secondhand” which is NOT the same thing as vintage!

Which led me to this idea.  Perhaps MY etsy store item description would go something like this:

“This super cute clutch is NOT made from vintage fabric; I bought it down the street at the local fabric store.  Or maybe I even got it from JoAnn’s.  The fabric origins really don’t matter since knowing whether I got this from my grandma’s mothball-ridden stash of fabric and selfishly took it all to sell to other people instead of sharing with other deserving family members or bought it at a “vintage” store where I’ve repurposed someone’s old stuff or found it in a thrift store and just called it vintage because I didn’t buy it at the fabric store OR I just bought it down the street at the store doesn’t change the aesthetic and functional qualities of this amazing little clutch.

The clutch…… [boring details that I would have to make up because I don’t actually have a little clutch in my little hands].”

It’s kind of cynical, which is why most people wouldn’t want to buy from me since I insulted them while they viewed my items and also why I haven’t opened up shop.  I think I’ve been watching too much House.

Speaking of which – my disease is progressing just fine.  My Monday appointment was cancelled (my doctor had strep) so I went in yesterday.  I’m on antibiotics for another five days, and the lovely healing process includes a lot of pressure in my head and sometimes a bit of numbness (just a bit though) in my cheek.  It’s beautiful.  But, there’s a lot less ooze.