My English teacher is so cute.

She’s been having us write in a Moleskine this whole semester, which for me was pretty easy since I’m addicted to them anyways.

The last day of class we had a “competition” to see who had written the most.  She started a new one in October and was on page 117 so she started there.

I thought, “Wow, like everyone has to be past that.”  But they weren’t.  Only one other girl and I were.

“Where are you at?” our teacher asked the other girl first.

“123,” she said (or something like that).

“And you?” our teacher asked me.

I quietly said, “207?”

{gasps across the classroom}

“Well you’re the winnner.”

My awesome prize:



That’s right!  Candy and colorful pens and glow-in-the-dark frog stickers!! Life is so fabulous and wonderful!