It’s been awhile since I’ve been in the blogging world, so the next few weeks will most likely be backtracks about the past little while that I’ve been away.  Going all the way back to Christmas.

I was really excited to make my sister’s Christmas present. I’d been planning a journal for ages and then once I discovered making crayons from Design Mom, I had to give it a try.

I attempted to use tin foil covered cookie cutters as a mold, but the oven was on too high and melted all the wax on the cookie sheet.  Unfortunately, it looked very similar to candy and I felt bad when I found my brother biting off a chunk later that day.


After that fiasco, I resorted to double boiling the crayons in jars and pouring them into molds.


These crayons looked much prettier.img_1421

The journal is a coptic book with a little surprise in the center.  I was so excited about the rainbow wrapped text blocks because it makes a really cool spine.  The pieces of paper also serve to make space for the many papers/pictures/tickets/receipts my sister glues into her journal.img_1476

The journal had cute little illustrations of an Asian girl and bunnies (formerly my sister’s 2nd favorite animal, but now 4th since she discovered mercows or something) that I made in Illustrator (it definitely is elementary but took me forever).img_1481

I rounded it out with a cute little Hello Kitty pouch for the crayons and a Kuromi (or something like that) pencil that’s this evil bunny (fitting) by Sanrio.

I also made an awesome hair flower for Brea for Christmas (no pictures, unfortunately) to go with her present.  And Tia got the freaking sweetest bike bell from Pylones for her Razor scooter she uses to ride down the hall to Brea’s house (I seriously LOVE this bike bell).  We all bought Kellen a super expensive Lego set which Brad and I helped him build the day after Christmas.  Those things are complicated!!

I love giving presents at Christmastime!!

Next year, my family is [tenatively] planning a “make it or break it” Christmas in which we all make each other presents and go to South America and do service instead of getting extravagant gifts.  I’m not quite sure where the “break it” part comes into play… but it does make for fun jokes.