Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, so naturally, I’ve been planning all kinds of fun events in my head to celebrate. At one point in time, a friend told me that I should start a date planning service… He would pay me to plan cool dates for him to take girls on.  I never did it, but I still think I’ve got a knack for planning dates/mini-parties/gatherings of sorts.

This little date night was inspired by the donuts that Krispy Kremes is making in honor of Valentine’s Day!! They are super cute, and I LOVE donuts and hot cocoa.  So, how about a nice drive to somewhere pretty and snowy, then some donuts and cocoa on the trunk of the car (bundled up in plenty of blankets).  Then, the Valentine’s Day gift can be something not too mushy like these fingerless convertible mittens.

First Row: Krispy Kremes donut pic; “Silent Night” from Nick Adams Photography blog, fotoblog gumbo; Pylones mini thermos in white flower;
Second Row: Handmade Convertible Mittens from taevas; Cashmere Fingerless Flap Glove from PepperberryKnits; Mirror Image Convertible Mittens from DebzCreations;
Third Row: Orchid Thermos from Pylones; image from Salt Lake Magazine; more Krispy Kreme donut pics.

I’m totally bummed that Pylones doesn’t make the penguin thermos anymore; it was my favorite.  Oh, and that the mini thermos now costs more than the normal thermos used to (and to think I was holding out because it seemed too expensive).

There you have it.