img_2505Brad and I constantly joke around that he’s going to be a rockstar and I’m going to follow him around on tour and be a rockstar’s wife.  Now, this is definitely possible since I am awesome and Brad is talented (haha).

So, today I watched E! True Hollywood Story: Rock Wives and Rockstar Wives to see about my future life.  I also watched Rock of Love Bus.  Both of these shows are pretty trashy.  And I’m probably trashy for liking to watch them.

Now, let’s analyze these two shows.  Besides the often inappropriate comments, it’s interesting to see how these Rock Wives and their rock husbands treat their relationships.  They talk about marriage as being work, and that people who just get married just because don’t work out.  That marriage is a relationship that takes dedication, and honesty, and effort.  Although many of the comments were ones that I don’t really agree with, it was interesting to see these rockstars with their wives and families and to hear them talk about how they want to be true to their wives and never want to be unfaithful.

I also loved seeing the wives and families tour with their husbands, and hearing the dads talk about their kids.

Dear Bret Michaels.  Take some advice from these marriages.  Do you really think this show is going to help you find your wife?  Case closed.  But thank you for providing me with inappropriate entertainment.