In response to Coryn

1 | I HATE Ugg boots.  However, due to the sub-Arctic temperatures I experience in the winter, I have given in to wearing the ugg style boot.  BEST DECISION EVER.  I am much less scared to step outside knowing that I won’t suffer from instantaneous frostbite.

2 | I have never been a huge fan of the whole leggings underneath an almost knee length dress look, but I MIGHT possibly be warming up to the thought… Why?  I have no idea.  But I’m thinking that it is related to the DSquared2 fall fashion line.

3 | Currently, my greatest ambitions are to work at Anthropologie in the summer and Nordstroms in the fall.  I’m aiming high.  Oh, and to eventually have children named Betty (Elizabeth), Lily, James, [undecided girl name that is Japanese], and [a many syllabic boy name].

4 | I am in love with leopard print for unknown reasons.  My shopping list includes: leopard print flats, leopard print skirt (actually, that’s on my sewing list), leopard print cardigan, and leopard print scarf.  That is to add to my budding collection of a leopard print headband and a leopard print hair flower.  I would also accept a leopard print purse.

5 | If modesty weren’t an issue, the one thing I would love to wear would be wifebeaters.  You know, those trashy white tank tops you buy in a pack in the men’s section.  Yep.  I miss those.  Or perhaps this top from Anthropologie.  Beyond that, I’m completely satisfied.

I guess this turned into more of a “5 fashion faux pas I’m embarassed to admit that I like” (minus the “life ambition” thing)… But you know you love me anyways…

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