Last night, a friend asked me for some ideas on dressing country, sweet, and innocent.  So I thought long and hard about it then spent way too long virtually shopping on the internet to come up with the following sets on Polyvore.

My inspiration mainly came from two things:


country-sweet-innocent-zooey-deschaneland Zooey Deschanel

And so, here are the little boards I came up with…

country-sweet-innocent-1Country, Sweet & Innocent #1

(I’m really loving the yellow top, peach sweater, taupe dress, and the red wedges!)

country-sweet-innocent-2Country, Sweet & Innocent #2

(Isn’t the dress fantastic!?  And the necklace?!  I want it!)

country-sweet-innocent-3Country, Sweet & Innocent #3

(A look that’s ALMOST professional.)

country-sweet-innocent-4Country, Sweet & Innocent #4

(Don’t be surprised if those skirts, glittery flats, and possible variations on those dresses show up in my wardrobe…)

country-sweet-innocent-5Country, Sweet & Innocent #5

(Too much to love – Love the coral dress, Love the floral headband, Love the maxi skirt, Love the ruffle dress!)

Good luck in your wardrobe revamping!!  And good luck to me trying not to buy all these items!!!