IMG_3946Alright, so I found this AWESOME idea while blogstalking today.

Here’s the rundown:

I buy some sweet sunglasses.

We send them all over to everyone and everywhere.

You take a picture of you wearing the sunglasses.

Then you send them off to someone else (yes, you must pay the shipping).

I’m not quite decided how the photo sharing will work out, or how the chain will work out (there are still some kinks that need working through), but won’t this be so fun!?

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated, as well as nominations for what to name this project. I’m starting preparations and planning early and thinking of actually sending it all off on the first day of summer (June 21?). Depending on how positive the response is, I might start sooner!! are you in?!

photos from today in a new-school photobooth,but they’re AWESOME because they’re STICKERS!! Also, I do not have a scanner for the summer, so this is my way of scanning.