dear friends,

I must tell you that I LOVE this belt

that I purchased for my birthday at Anthropologie.

Yes, it was quite pricey for a fabric belt, but it was TOTALLY worth it!!

See here:

23rd bday w hotelRocked it on my b-day.

IMG_5341Then I rocked it as a princess for Risa’s b-day.

IMG_5486Then today I wore it in conjunction with my Sunglasses Game sideways photo.

IMG_5520After which I threw it on with the outfit I’d planned to wear today, and it pretty much made the already awesome outfit even awesomer.

Moral of the story: The belt is worth its weight in gold.  Which comes out to be about $28.00.

PS. I’m also loving this song by Chairlift.

Thank you Jade for returning and revitalizing my musical life.