It’s {kind of} fall again… which has me wishing for cooler weather (as much as I love the summer, my outfit choices get… old after not being able to layer) and wishing for more dollars to shop for lovely new clothes.
Since I don’t have a bottomless wallet to spend on things, I’ve decided to compile sets of “top tens” that I WOULD buy if I had lots of free money to buy them with.
First up – Downeast Basics.

Downeast Basics Top Ten Fall 09

Narrowing it down to ten was definitely a challenge… but here they are (in the approximate order I would purchase them in).

Top Row, L-R:
1|Connect the Dots Dress, in yellow. This photo is from, and I’m 99% sure that they sell Downeast clothes at WAY more expensive prices in the cuter color options.
2|Intuition Top, color choice not certain yet.  This top reminds me of the Profiterole Top from Anthropologie this summer, but toned down.
3|Fine Line Turtleneck, in dark grey/cream.  I love the striped turtleneck look – perfect for layering.
4|Green Thumb Skirt – I fell in love with this over the summer and am waiting it out until it goes on sale…
5|L’Amour Coat, in olive (see it in olive here).  I love the olive color and the swingy trapeze shape.

Bottom Row, L-R:
6|Bees Knees Skirt – Super cute stripage at the bottom.
7|School Belle Top, color choice not certain yet (they’re both cute!). It’s just such a cute top.
8|Hopscotch Henley, in heather grey. I like the simpleness of this top, even though the flirty version is really cute too.
9|Curtsy Coat, in navy (I think). It’s made of “French Terry Fleece” which sounds to me like sweatshirt fabric – how cozy!
10|Collegiate Sweater, in navy? I just am lovin stripes.

My only beef with the Downeast Basics website?  I CAN’T FIGURE OUT HOW TO VIEW THE CLOTHES IN THE OTHER COLOR OPTIONS!! Does anyone else have this problem or am I just special?
Looking forward to more top tens….