good news | I am learning how to budget.

bad news | This often results in me missing out on things I want. Like the super cute Mallory Suede Bootie (#3) that I realized I REALLY wanted at the same time they sold out.

good news | My motorcycle jacket at Express went on sale (and I had a coupon)! So I bought it. I now have this addition in my closet:

express (minus the) leather motorcycle jacketI haven’t taken the tags off while I decide if I really want it, or if I just liked coveting it. And while I figure out if it will work with anything in my wardrobe.

bad news | I found the CUTEST coat at Macy’s today, but I can’t justify buying it even though it’s like, 50% excuse my weirdy face and focus on how cute those toggles are!)

good news | The gladiator sandals I spied at American Eagle went on sale, and I bought them…AE Gladiator Sandalbad news | … then I got them just in time for it to get cold here.

good news | The sweater I’ve been eying at Martin and Osa finally went on sale (all sweaters at M+O are 50% off):

M + O sweater

bad news | I spent fifteen minutes on the phone with the Town Square store this morning trying to hunt it down. It is not online anymore. And apparently, it is not available in ANY stores in ANY colors either.

Unfortunately, the positive sides of budgeting outweigh the negative, so I will continue to do it. ::sigh::