Anthropologie Plaza CardiganDear Santa,

I have a special request. Can you please send me the Plaza Cardigan from Anthropologie? And since I’m really impatient, is there any possibility that you can rush it and get it to me, say, next week? I’ve wanted it for some time now, and now that it comes in red (ok, the site says “purple” but I’m pretty sure when I go try it on today it will be more of a red color), I want it oh-so-much more!!

Just to remind you, I have tried to be REALLY good this year. I started a budget and have been adhering to it quite well. So well, in fact, that last month, I had a $20 surplus!! Unfortunately, $20 won’t get me my sweater.  That’s where you come in.  Additionally, I’ve been making dinner and being nice to my siblings and trying not to cause any ruckus.  I know I can do better at picking up my things so Bradley doesn’t have to, but if I promise to improve at that, will you bring me my Christmas sweater?