We’re coming up on our Cotton Anniversary!!

Last year, Britt blogged about this bedding that I was eying at Anthropologie and trying to justify buying (even this summer when it went on sale, I couldn’t bear to fork it out).

Instead, I was going to MAKE a similar (maybe) quilt/duvet cover/something for our Cotton Anniversary.  Then I realized how many things I actually want to MAKE for Christmas this year, and how I usually overbook myself (which I think I already have), and then realized how much fabric I would actually need, and decided that I should just break down and buy it.

I’ve decided on the Organic Cotton Pin-Tuck Duvet cover at West Elm (best news = I can use Discover cashback there; I LOVE CASHBACK).


West Elm Organic Cotton Pin-Tuck Duvet Cover WhiteThis is the white.  Currently, all my bedding except the duvet cover is white. White sheets, *many* white pillowcases… Clearly this seems like the logical choice.  Also, I LOVE the look of a white bed and how peaceful and clean it seems even when my room may be a tad bit messy.

But then I saw this one:

West Elm Organic Cotton Pin-Tuck Duvet Cover CreamAnd thought, maybe cream is the way to go.  But then I would need new sheets/it wouldn’t match, oh and I’d have to buy 8 new pillowcases (and since I’m picky about my pillowcases, they wouldn’ t come cheap).

Our bedroom is going to have a Martin + Osa feel… color scheme = navy + brown + white + warm oranges/yellows/candlelight colors… like a shwanky, rustic cabin resort.  What I imagine Aspen is like.  Or maybe Sundance.   So white OR cream really works.

And so… either convince me that I should stick with white because it’s more economical, and I can buy navy sheets when we get a new bed thus making a super cute navy/white and/or white/white option, or convince me that the cream really does look that much better and who cares if my sheets don’t match for awhile because it REALLY LOOKS THAT GOOD.

At this point, I think I’m on the fence (or maybe leaning towards the white…. or not… or… yeah, I’m probably on the fence).