| ONE |

There’s a great sale going on right now.  And some items are much cheaper in store than online.  I bought this top for TEN DOLLARS!! 

It’s a little bit big, but ten bucks? Come on. I really want it for layering and I can always take it in if I want it smaller with a simple surge down the sides.


| TWO |

Last night while browsing through old catalogs for inspiration, I came across this purse.

bica cheia bag pearlnlace{image from her}

Why did I not buy this when it came out?! I’m sure it eventually went on sale and could’ve become my next purse of my life.  I did find it on ebay, but one day is not enough time to logically weigh out in my mind if I want it.  Plus the pressure makes me want it more and question my thinking capabilities.



This morning, while looking for the aforementioned purse, I came across old Anthro catalogs on ebay. And the one that was shot where I took my bridals.  And I had to have it.

july cat

So I splurged. I bought it for eleven dollars (what?! That’s the same price as the shirt!), BUT I justified it since it will forever document that my bridals are equivalent to Anthropologie which makes me feel a hundred times cooler.

And coolness is something that money can’t buy.

*Also to note: PayPal had a deal that if I paid with my bank account, they’d give me $5 back… so once I get that deposit, really, it was only six dollars.