I’m on a hunt for those color changing spoons that used to come in cereal boxes (if you find one, let me know), and so I hopped on over to Fred Flare to see if they had anything of that nature.

They didn’t, but they did have these gems:

Fred Flare - Jonathan Adler stripes cup and saucerThis hot Jonathan Adler cup and saucer – I LOVE IT!  – Sold out in every color except yellow, which had only three left at the time of press….

Fred Flare - table saw cake cutterThis Table Saw Cake Cutter is freaking hilarious. I would love to cut my cakes with it!! Plus, it’s only $9!  Sweet.


If anyone wants to make an order, I’m considering placing one next week (like the 16th)… If anyone wants anything, let me know.  If we spend $75, we get free shipping!!     The Japanese Talking Watches are on sale and all the non-sale items are 30% off until then… That includes these sweet items: iKareoke turns your iPod into kareoke, Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate, Pride and Prejudice with illustrations by Ruben Toledo (you might notice him from the Nordstrom ads), super cute Polaroid notecards, a Holga, the Indie Rock Coloring Book, and bunches of other fun stuff!!