Dear Santa,

I know I already wrote you a letter expressing my Christmas wishes, but if possible, I’d like to retract that request and replace it with something new. Well, somethingS new.  You see, I finally figured out what size of that sweater I needed, only to find that it has been sold out all across the face of the earth.  And that selling out, you see, has caused me to rethink whether or not I’m actually DYING for it. (However, if it were to surprisingly end up in my presents, I would definitely retract THAT statement and relish in the fact that it was mine.)

However, on a recent trip to Anthropologie, I found some dresses to want instead.  Therefore, I would lovingly and kindly accept the Amarena Dress in Red and/or the Simply Lovely Sweaterdress in Blue.  You see, they’re oh-so-cozy, and it’s been oh-so-snowy, and I’m thinking that combination = perfect for these sweaterdresses.  Not to mention how awesome I look in them.

Once again, I’ll remind you of my good deeds.  I am being quite timely with my Christmas gift giving.  And although I’ve been stretching that budget a little, I have a plan to *hopefully* work it out. I’ve started exercising regularly (the whole Pilates thing – which, by the way Santa, I wasn’t being mean and hateful towards skinny girls; I was just being silly and practicing my writing skills), and I’ve been making lots of meals too.  I’ve also resisted the urge to buy myself lots of presents therefore allowing you to steal the show with all YOUR gift-giving this year.

So you see, Mr. Claus, I do feel that I am deserving to be on the “Nice List,” and I hope you think so too.  You can go ahead and put these beauties right next to my name in your book, and I look forward to seeing them on Christmas morning!!



PS – I wouldn’t mind it if I happened to receive this scarf too…

I don’t want to be greedy or anything, but, I mean, in case you were looking for something else…  😉