I have to be honest.  When I heard that clogs would be in for Spring/Summer 2010, I cringed a little inside.  (However, I think my mom smiled a little and considered herself a trend-setter since she’s been loving clogs for coziness and comfort for a few winters.)  I still don’t know if I can bring myself to it (which means in about two years, I might possibly warm up to the trend and think they’re amazing), but this photo of Mary Kate makes clogs look so chic and fashion forward.

I seriously love Mary Kate (and Ashley) Olsen.  Let’s be honest, I’ve envied them from their youth and grown up watching them and thinking they’re cool.  There’s a cool post at style.com about the Olsen influence on the past decade.  I have to say, they emerged quite gracefully (despite tabloid blasts)… Let’s be frank, there are PLENTY of trends I thought were cool that I’m horrified to see that I wore (hi… spaghetti straps over white tees in middle school?!  Little kid tees?! – ok I still love that one).  And while I was rocking those abominations, Mary Kate and Ashley were in that so-called “bag lady” phase, which is leaps and bounds better than mine.

So here’s to them and here’s to clogs and here’s to my hesitation towards trends of 2010.