I have been struggling with the idea that I don’t really like paintings of Jesus. I don’t know what it is, but every  time I thought about hanging one up in my house, it made me feel weird.  It’s hard to explain.  Not weird like “oh I’m a hellion and the thought of Jesus makes me feel awkward,” but more weird because sometimes the pictures seem over-dramatasized to the point that it’s more about the statement than about the Savior. Or maybe it’s because I just don’t like the painting style of most of the Jesus paintings I had seen.  Or maybe it’s because the paintings make me feel like I’m being a faker, hanging up a painting just because everyone else is doing it.

Whatever the case, I felt bad that I didn’t want one (but I didn’t feel bad that I didn’t like them).

We all have different tastes, but for some reason, mine didn’t seem the same as what I was seeing.

On Thursday, after lunch with Coryn, I perused the MOA, looked at some of the paintings they had, asked myself what I like about art, contemplated why I don’t like pictures of Jesus, found one I liked (Rembrandt’s etching “Christ Preaching (La Petite Tombe)”), rejoiced a little, considered my life a success, then moseyed on over to the gift shop, and there it was: a Minerva Teichert print on the wall.  And I liked it too.

Rembrandt's "Christ Preaching (La Petite Tombe)"

Minerva Teichert's "Rescue of the Lost Lamb"

Success! I was looking for just one, and instead I found TWO.  And now, I can rest easy knowing that there are pictures of Jesus that I like.  No hellions here.

This was definitely much easier than finding a Photograph of Jesus

(I LOVED this short)