In honor of my last post about copycats, I will shamelessly be plagiarizing the style of Britt’s blog for this week: little letters accompanied by pictures.

First, my friends, relates to the Liberty of London for Target collection. When it came out, I was definitely at Target the next morning trying on all my favorites.  I purchased LOTS of things and figured I’d just hang them and think about them then return the ones I’d changed my mind about (this proved to be a genius plan since lots of the things sold out really fast).

Here’s the deal, I’ve decided not to keep two things, a dress and a swimsuit.  They’re super cute, but I’m trying to practice some restraint and not keep those two (instead, I’m keeping a canister, a picture frame, a box, a dress, a sweater, some headbands…).

I’m planning on returning them next week, but I figured, if anyone wanted them, I’d let you have first dibs, as my friends.

The swimsuit was $40.  It’s super cute, has full coverage bottoms, and light padding in the boobies…. 😉

XS top, S bottom.

The dress was $30, has freaking cute tiered ruffles, this awesome print, and a smocked top. Size Small?

(please ignore my messy room and stupid faces)

I feel like a peddler, but really, I’m not trying to scam everyone… I’m just sayin’, it’s all sold out so if you wanted it and it’s gone, you can have mine (for the same price I bought it for)…

Next Monday, I’m returning them to Target…