At 9:30 this morning (which, for those of you who know my recent schedule, is early), I jumped out of bed excited that today was the day that the Eugenia Kim and Cynthia Vincent collections arrived at Target.

I have been eyeing the chunky gladiator wedges for almost a month now, and was so excited that I could order them today.

But what did I see when I got online?  They’re SOLD OUT except for GIANT SIZES?!?!  What!?  How could this be?! They came out THIS MORNING!!

This broke my little heart, and since I can no longer really feel emotions like sadness and heartbreak, the result was angry.  Why were there not enough to last ONE DAY?!  Why didn’t I get a pair?!  How early did I need to wake up to beat those east-coasters who had a two hour time difference on me?!

The silver lining is that there IS a pair of 7.5 cognac available at a nearby Target in “limited quantities” (I can only search the available sizes online), so MAYBE there will be a pair that fits me and MAYBE they will still be there tomorrow morning, and MAYBE they will also have black since that was my first choice.

But that could be pushing it.

Wish me luck for tomorrow….