Now that a few days have passed, I have had time to digest the finale of LOST (and to rewatch it a few times, and to research other people’s thoughts, and to watch to prelude to the finale, and to make Brad discuss it with me until he was bored of me talking).

Here’s my verdict: My right brain LOVED it, but my left brain wasn’t so sure.

The episode definitely appealed to my right brain (emotional, creative, holistic, intuitive, imaginative, visual).  My first reaction to the ending was definitely complete and comforting, as if I had beautifully said farewell to my friends in a bittersweet moment.  The reunion of the characters in the “waiting room” was a perfectly poetic, feel-good moment.  You could feel a connection and feel glad that these people were rejoined with those they loved.  The uncertainty of what happened post island life didn’t matter because life happens, and the artistic nature of the scenes completed the series.  Jin and Sun? Back together.  Jack and Kate? Check.  Claire and Charlie? Finally!  [insert every character that ever appeared on LOST and his/her respective love interest here]  Hurley’s little “thank you” to Ben closed plenty of gaps and questions in their short conversation.  And the bookend of Jack’s eye?  Perfection.  The series ended in the exact way, in the exact place, and with the exact person that it begun.  How much more can you ask for?

A lot.  Or so thinks my left brain (analytical, logical, systematic, scientific, factual, detailed).  What about the island? What about its “powers”?  How did they travel through time?  What the freak was the deal with the cork?  And what exactly did the uncorking do? Why didn’t babies live? How does Charles Whidmore relate to everything? And where’s the results of the Dharma Initiative’s studies?!  Too many technical answers were missing.  And too many additional questions were proposed in season 6 that I realized that I could never be satisfied with an ending unless it came as a PowerPoint presentation with a logical explanation to all of the show’s mysteries.  Of course, my left brain DID appreciate the symbolism scattered throughout as well as the bookended Jack, but my unfortunate lack of depth prevented me from understanding many of its symbolic meanings. 😉

So, the decision comes down to which side of my brain is dominant. That is where the issue occurs.

Recently, I received an issue of Real Simple in the mail.  This issue had a little section on organizing strategies for right and left brainers.  I took the included quiz to diagnose myself and find the perfect cures for all my organization conundrums.  The results were in.  I split EXACTLY down the middle.  Equal parts left and right brain.

Now, just in case you think that perhaps a quiz in Real Simple isn’t quite credible, I used another reliable source: the internet (haha – laugh, because it’s sarcasm).  But seriously, I took another quiz online.  I figured the results would be close, but that one might be slightly more dominant than the other (within a range of error that made the difference statistically negligible, of course).  Not the case.

My results:

Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz
The higher of these two numbers below indicates which side of your brain has dominance in your life. Realising your right brain/left brain tendancy will help you interact with and to understand others.
Left Brain Dominance: 16(16)
Right Brain Dominance: 16(16)
Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz

Yes my friends, another exact split.  I’m quite proud of this fact, attributing it to my overall awesomeness and ability to excel at EVERYTHING (except maybe sports that require extensive coordination).  However, it also adds to my continual state of existence as a living, walking, confused juxtaposition with an inability to make decisions and come to actual conclusions (much to the chagrin of my left brain ::cringing::).

And so, depending on my mood, my conversational companion, the comparative quality of television, and general state of being, I hereby reserve the right to continually change my opinion of the final episode of the epic show LOST.