We’re coming up on 2.5 years of marriage, and due to my obsession with math and family pictures, that means that it’s about time we get some legit photos taken of our “family.”

{See, I wanted pictures every 5 years, because 5 is an even odd number, but then, when we start having kids, our family could change by like, three people in a five year period.  But paying for a photographer every year seemed a little out of my future price range, so I compromised with half of every five years = every 2.5 years (and in the long run, my dream goal is to have our wedding photographer take our family pictures every 10 years, but we’ll see how that works out).}

Since our family still consists of Brad and me, I decided we might as well do something a little editorial and out of the ordinary (as if the crashed plane wasn’t weird enough).  Luckily, I work for a super fun photographer, so it should possibly maybe work out.  As a result of my odd vision, I have been obsessed with collecting pictures from editorials…

I love the silliness of these from Glamour, February 2010:

(and looking at Chace Crawford isn’t too bad either)

And the domestic life/vintage quality of this shoot:

And I still love the look of Vera Wang’s Princess ad (and her new one with Zoe Kravitz for Glam Princess):

Add in a bit of a rockstar vibe, like this Rock and Republic ad:

And maybe a bit of “too good to be true”-ness, similar to the fifties:

(Image from the Case Home Study)

(Yucky face girl in a stock photo)

But with a bit of eeriness to the perfection, similar the Stepford Wives:

Other possible inspirations include Chanel RTW Spring/Summer 2010, D&G ads from the past two years, Harper’s Bazaar, Betsey Johnson, my grandpa’s farm, and Country Living.

I’m pretty sure our family photos will include:

  • a borrowed chicken
  • some sort of edible food (like cupcakes)
  • amazing clothes
  • some flowers
  • a flower crown
  • perhaps another crown (like Vera Wang Princess?)
  • yoga poses?
  • an apron
  • a quilt
  • a clothesline

So… basically, we’ll be editorial rockstars in the country who are awesome and a bit quirky/silly with an underlying fifties vibe that is sometimes rather creepy: a commentary on married life.

Any other ideas you can contribute to this haphazard conglomeration?