I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of how awesome of a wife I am.  Remember how I just got you AN XBOX 360 as an early birthday present?!  Even though my birthday is next? Remember that?!

Well, since my birthday is nearing soon, you can show me how awesome of a wife you think I am.  No no, not in the same way you usually do (you working, you getting a kidney stone, you insisting that we drive to the airport to see your brother get off the airplane, nor you receiving a birthday gift prior to me even though my birthday happens first).  I know, I know – you try, but this year, let’s try something different.

My Unrealistic (which by no means implies that I don’t deserve all of this) Birthday List:

The Canon Powershot D10 – Shockproof, Waterproof, and Freezeproof.

Need? Yeah… since my point and shoot died. RIP.

New Pursetop – your choice.  i.e. you do the research and find out which one is the best. Preferably one with SD (and other) card slots in the side.

Need? Also, yes, since you have two computers and I have zero.

The Red Settee (oh, you DID see this already?!)

Need? No, but it’s so pretty!!

A Bike (Mint Green and Burgundy = good colors).

Need?  Possible, since David will probably take back his bike when he gets home.  Plus, it’s only $84 and apparently you get a $20 gift card.  Maybe I should scratch this from the birthday list and just buy it for myself…

Lululemon Run with It Crops.

Need? No… Want?  Yes.  I do work out a lot.

A Single Shot Rifle (and the necessary research for it to be legal for me to own a gun).

Need? No… but it’s still freaking awesome.

A Pet Bunny.


Trofast frame for my makeshift closet.

Need? Not essential, but definitely would be helpful…

I hereby give you permission to purchase all of these items.