Back in February(?)-ish, when I read The Hunger Games in less than six hours (starting after midnight and finishing before 6 am), I became obsessed with the whole story and started finding my all-star cast for the movie.

Gale was easy – dark hair, attractive… hello Taylor Lautner.

Let’s be honest – you totally want to see him in another movie.  And preferably one that doesn’t induce vomiting.

Peeta was not as easy, but then I found Logan Lerman and knew it was a match.

And for my bff Haymitch, I thought someone who could be scruffily handsome would be good.  Like Robert Downey, Jr.

Katniss was much more difficult.  I wanted her to be awesome.

When I read the book, I imagined the dressed up, capitolized Katniss looking like Vanessa Hudgens…

… but I wasn’t sure how she worked in the arena.

Then today, we saw Inception (which was quite clever), and I realized the perfect choice:

Yes my friends, Ellen Page.

Loved her in Juno, loved her in Inception, and confident that I would love her as Katniss.

And so, I came home, searched for photos of the blouse she (Ellen Page) is wearing when her character is first recruited in the movie, then realized the perfect fit for Katniss, then opened up that long-forgotten file of my Hunger Games casting photos, and shared them.

Don’t say I’ve never done something nice for you.